Why can’t I ever hack sex hookup?

I hope people don’t freak out with the title of this blog post. I’m not talking about desiring to hack the computer system of a typical search hookup website and even for the above average ones like https://www.sexhookup.org . What I am talking about of course is to hack in terms of optimize my chances of success.

The good news is that you can figure it out. You just need to put in enough time. This is where most guys fail. You see, when people join a search hookup site, they think that somehow or someway all this pussy will flock to them. They have this entitlement mentality. They think that if they pick up the phone and order pizza within 15 minutes or it’s free, this somehow or someway should also influence their expectations regarding hooking up online.

I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but it doesn’t work that way. Sure, I’m going to grant to you that there are many experiences in the typical American consumer’s lives that are extremely convenient. Yes, you can get packages from Amazon overnight. Yes, now there are all sorts of drone deliveries in the works. Yes, there are all sorts of services that you can get almost instantly thanks to the internet.

But none of that shit should influence your behavior and attitude when it comes to the search hookup, otherwise you’re just simply setting yourself up to be disappointed. That’s why a lot of people keep saying, “Why can’t I ever hack this website or this type of dating?” Well, maybe you’re asking the wrong question.

Instead of looking to hack, focus instead on enjoying yourself. You see, when you enjoy yourself, your passion level increases, you have a tremendous sense of possibility, and you’re curious again. When you’re curious, you’re able to solve different problems, you’ll be able to identify patterns, and this increase the likelihood that you will increase the amount of success you get at that website you’re on.